Murray 22" powered by Quantum 5.75 HP

The story of this push mower is quite interesting. My husband and I bought this home in 2007. When we moved in, this mower was in the shed. It looked VERY old, and VERY dilapidated. We had lived here about one year, and we had never touched this mower.

This is an old farm, and we had a running riding lawn mower, so there was no need. Well, in the summer of 2008, the riding mower lost a belt, and my husband was working too many hours to find time to change it. Here in southern Mississippi, if you let your yard go too long, you will pay a dear price for it. So, after about ten days, I began to look around for alternatives.

Well, in the corner of the old shed, here sat this push mower. I dragged it out, added gas, checked and added oil, jiggled the spark plug wire and pushed the choke button four or five times, pulled the cord two or three times, and guess what, the old Murray fired right up.

We have a large yard, and it took me and my 14 year old daughter two days to push mow the yard, but we did it. The push mower is now my backup and since the riding mower has a 48" deck, the push mower has a 22", I use it in tight spaces too. It has been very dependable, and the price was definitely right. I would recommend this push mower to anyone looking to buy a push mower.

1) it was cheap
2) lasted a long time

1) small width of cut
2) Difficult to push up hill
3) As far as push mowers go, I would give it a 3

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