Murray 3.5hp push mower

I got my mower about 3 years ago at a very reasonable price(just over $100). I bought it as a single woman, not really knowing much about mowers other than they cut grass.

The thing I like best about this mower is the ease of starting it. If it is properly primed I can get it started in one pull.

There is an exception to that, if the mower has not been run in a while I usually have to prime it, try starting it, prime again and then I can get it started. I also like that the cutting height is adjustable and it is easy to do.

Now that I am married, my husband does most of the mowing. He is happy with the mowers performance as well.

We do have a fairly large yard so we have to refill the gas tank at least once per mow. Both of us agree that this mower is easy to use and handle. Its not heavy which also makes it user friendly.

With proper maintenance I would suspect that we would get better gas "mileage". The mower does come with a user manual and has maintenance suggestions to maintain mower efficiency.

Well, the only maintenance we have done is change the blade and we have not had any problems with the mowers performance.

We do not have a shed or garage so the mower is not covered. Its been exposed to the elements for 2 seasons now and its still running strong. In my opinion this is a great mower.

I would definitely recommend it to any one looking for an inexpensive push mower for household use.

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