Murray lawnmower with techumse engine

by Lori

I bought this machine second hand from the next door neighbor about five years ago. Since I bought it I have had nothing but horrible luck with it. First the right front wheel started wobbling and then started falling off every time I got half way down the path. I would have to stop and put it back together so I had to carry tools in my pocket to be prepared.I finally found new wheels and got them put on really tight... end of problem.

So For a month or so everything went well. Then one day I went out to start it up and she sputtered a few times and stopped. I took off the plate over the filter and cleared the filter out. Then wiped down the whole machine and tried again. She started right up. All of a sudden I look down and it appears that no grass is being cut. I go into the garage to look for the new blades I had purchased at the beginning of the season. Changed the blades and went back to work.

Then I was cutting the grass one day and the whole back of the lawnmower broke in half. Well the lawn did not get finished that day and I brought the lawnmower over to the neighbor I bought it from and he worked on it for a while and pronounced it DEAD.

When I bought a new lawnmower I made sure there was a warranty and I bought a brand new mower from the store. The moral of this story? If you don't know a lot about fixing things ( and I don't) Buy New and Buy American Please.

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