Neuton CE 6.2 electric mower

by seema mishra
(Nagpur, Maharashtra, India)

When I needed a lawn mower, I wanted it to be from the best and reliable company and hence I chose Neuton CE 6.2 electric mower. This electric lawn mower is very quiet, easy to use, and extremely efficient for all home lawn purposes and above all it is eco friendly too.

It has steel aero blades facilitated for heavy duty that helps you cut the lawns faster and quicker as compared to other lawn mowers in the market. The most remarkable feature that I found in this lawn mower is that it is exceptionally quiet and I can do the lawn work along with walking and chatting with my family members or friends.

It also runs on the battery which is removable and its battery back up is up to an hour when fully charged. The battery can be charged either inside or outside of the mower as found convenient. This is really helpful for me because I store my lawn mower in a shed that lacks an electric outlet and so I remove the battery and take it inside to charge. It takes quite less time to mow my large yard because of the 19 inch wide cut facility available with this product. It saves lot of time and effort and the job is done faster and efficiently too.

The attachments that come along with this lawn mower for different purposes are very easy to fit in and change and are extremely easy to use. If you have to switch to different cutting mode it takes only few seconds and is very trouble-free and swift. It comes with a warranty of 2 years and is ideal for residential as well as commercial use.

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