Polan Lawnmower

by Rodney Sizemore
(Annville Kentucky)

Well we thought when we say the lawn mower that it was a nice one we all said wow thats a good lawn mower. Well we bought it and fixed all the paper work on it they delivered it the next day they brought it out to us and they forgot that the battery that was in it was dead. So we didn't get to start it.

The next day they brought us a new battery and then we started it then but when we did it kinda hesitated. Well we never thought much about it we kinda shruged our shoulders and said well maybe its something to do with the fuel and the mower being new.

Well we started it the day or two later mowed excellent we mowed about 4 months maybe 2 a month with it and low and behold it quit. When we would try to start it up the mower would back fire and big loud boom from it we thought someone was shooting at us lol. But it was the mower then they started to mow with it got it done.

The next time they started to mow was the last time it ever done any kind of moving the motor blew up in the lawn mower so we contacted the company where we got it at and they said that they couldn't do nothing about it so we just got stuck with that junk.

I would never buy a polan lawn mower from anyone because they arent any count they ain't nothing but junk. The moral to this story is if its pretty check it out before you buy it.

Don't go just by looks.

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