Poulan Lawn Tractor, 42" 17.5 HP

by Anna Lawrence

Now I used this one at my brothers’ place.


Fiddly doing un-square ‘corners’, I had to do the edges by hand.

I found the seat OK but I wanted a little more support.

The gears were easy and the hand break nice an firm, secure.

I found the turning circle quite good, it stay steady but turning a corner (only 5°) upslope was fussy, the cut of the grass was not ‘manicured’ over the sloped edge.


I found that using a leaf blower to clear all the lose grass was the easiest way to clean it of general mess, and using an old paint brush got into the kooks and crannies to get out the clumps, especially in the tires and underside made it easy work, all I had to do to finish off was use a damp cloth.

General usage

The noise did not give me a headache, it seams they have dampeners in the right places so the vibrations don’t give you that numbing sensation you find after you’ve used one of these.

It still gives me a kick to drive it and for a small holding it is great.

I do wear protective gear as any stray gravel or grit is propelled with such force that you do occasionally get hit with a ricochet from the wall if you are close to the house or near the trees.

Of course any one really has to work to get your attention, set your phone to vibrate and tell others to call you if they want you, especially if it is to give you that nice cool drink they have prepared for you.


Do not let the children, no one under the legal driving age use it, it is not just the safety factor but they always want to race it, and use it as a quad bike, they make great big tire track marks or try to make it do things it can not do, hid the keys.

For the price, I would say my brother got the right one, I will be back to cut the grass and not just for the homemade lemonade.

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