Poulan push mower

by Michael Evanson

I had purchased my lawn mower through the military at an AAFES location while stationed in Germany. I have had the mower for about a year and a half. From right out the box there were only a couple of parts that needed to be put together which could be done either with a wrench or a couple different sockets.

The instructions were very easy to read and the pictures were big to make it almost dummy proof. The only thing that then had to be done was put in oil and then put in gas in the mower. It is a self mulching mower so you do not have any grass clippings all over your lawn and is very reliable in all types of weather if it is cold or warm.

It is a self push mower gas powered and as well has different levels you can put it at with ease to cut your grass a any height you wish. It also has a guide so that clippings shoot out the side so no bags to clean up or anything like that and when you go back over the clippings like i said they are mulched up anyway. There is no speed control on it and push as fast as you would like to go which is fine as it is also not that loud as well at only 98 DB. It is also a pull start that as long as it is primed will always start the first time.

All in all it is a great mower for someone like me who does not have a huge yard but just enough so i do not need a riding lawn mower. For the price and quality of the product is was well worth the money 100%.

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