Poulan XT 30 Inch Deck 12.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 6 Speed Tractor

For the money this is one of the best riding mowers I've got my hands on. So far I had this mower for 8 months with no problems. As I am 5'8, having an adjustable seat is great. It's 30" deck allows me to cut a good 90%-95% of my yard of the size of a 1/3 of an acre. Usually a full tank allows me to mow the lawn twice. If I am really being detailed and careful when mowing, getting into every corner and striving for leaving everything as perfect as I can, I still have gas left.

The mower sports a 12.5hp engine is more than enough for cutting any yard under 1 acre in a relatively short amount of time. This mower also includes one cup-holder which is enough to keep you cool with your favorite drink while you mow away in the summers. Having a marker to remind me where I want the blade to be set is also a nice feature.

The mowers handling on uneven terrains like inclines and small hills is decent, but for the price it's not bad at all. It's turn radius is also not the greatest but decent enough to let me cut into corners just fine. The mower also comes with a backing system.

And lastly accessibility to components like air filter, battery, and oil makes this mower a winner for tough economical times. This would easily turn anyone still using a push mower into a rider without breaking their bank or their backs.

-Adjustable seat

-No bagger available
-Clutch too stiff

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Sep 07, 2017
nice little machine
by: mike d.

bought this for my 1/2 acre lot house, mainly due to price. Waited for sale and veterans discount dates to align; I was not sorry! First time out it tackled overgrown grass 6-8 inches and weeds 12-18 " high. Did entire lot on less than tank of fuel. It has never failed me yet. I gave it to my daughter when she bought her house and it is still working, at times she lets her grow so high she has to cut it in half widths, but it still keeps cutting 7 years later. Original blade, belt and tires! Not too shabby for an econo cutter is it?

Aug 10, 2012
Good mower
by: Joe the Mower

the only thing that I dislike about this mower is that when you let out on the clutch, you better hold your neck. it will definitely do a wheely, especially in the higher gears. but I have found that other brands of mowers do the same thing. this is the best riding mower I have ever had. it does a great job and I would recommend it to anyone.

Apr 13, 2012
Solid Mower for the Money
by: Joel

I have this mower for a little over a year. I have a 1/2 acre lot to cut with an incline in one part. For the most part this is a decent mower. If the grass gets high I have to mow twice to get the cut I want if I get to it in time once does the job. The turning radius is decent in low gears 1 and 2 and I get around my trees with no problem. It feels a little unstable to me on the incline but I generally weed eat that part most of the time anyway. It is good on gas and I can cut my yard twice on one tank of gas with no problem. Adjustable seat will not come forward enough for me as I have short legs and it will not stay put no matter how much I tighten the screw on the seat. The clutch is very stiff and has not loosened up yet. Deck height marker is great as well as the cup holder. For what I paid for it I would consider it an excellent buy. My last mower lasted me 17 years and I hope this one will do the same. I have waxed my mower also, makes it easier to clean after mowing.

Jan 27, 2012
reverse gear gone
by: Anonymous

i really like the rider but don't understand why reverse gear is so hard to get into. sometimes i just say the heck with it and make a few more unnessesary laps around the yard to cut what i should have been able to get by backing over it a couple of times. i like mine so much i've waxed it 3 times. maybe the linkadge is out of alingment.

Mar 20, 2011
Good mower for the money
by: Chuck

I've had this mower for about a year, and have mowed my less than 1 acre yard probably 12-15 times now and it does a satisfactory job. You won't find a better price for a new riding mower. The only complaint I have is that it being a single-blade mower, I thought it would cut evenly - it doesn't. Sometimes you have to re-mow to get the cuts even, but with a little planning after you've gotten used to it, that can be minimized. As a previous commenter wrote, the clutch IS stiff (so stiff that in the higher gears it'll wheely on you if you're not careful) but I'm hoping that will improve with a little wear.

Jul 12, 2010
Good mower for the money
by: Nick

I have owned one for a month, seems like a good mower. It comes at a reasonable price. Cuts my 3/4 acre in a short time. I have had 2 flat tires (same tire) in a month, don't know what that is about. My lawn is not full of hazards, so I was wondering if Home Depot sold me a mower with a defective tire. The first time it happened, they replaced the tire. The next time, I was on my own.
Found it strange that the left rear tire would go flat twice, in about 5 times out. Other than the tire problem, the mower works well. You have to ease it into gear, or you will be in for a jolt.

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