Push Lawn Mower w/Briggs and Stratton Engine

by A Clarke
(Ontario, Canada)

My lawn mower has been put through a great deal of use and abuse and has stood up to each test of endurance and strength I have put it through.

Briggs and Stratton makes the toughest lawn mower engines hands-down!

My lawn mower has been pushed through a cow field to clear out small
shrubbery and tall, thick grass; perhaps not what it was designed for but it has survived my abuse. The blade has only had one sharpening in its lifetime of 5 years and continues to cut and cut and cut.

I have been extremely pleased with the start-up of the mower. It usually starts on the first pull as long as I use the primer bulb properly. Even if I run it out of fuel, a fill up and a quick priming and it works like it had never stopped!

Some of the downsides to this mower would definitely have to include the weight of it. It can get heavy pushing it around the yard for a few hours. I thought that it would be standard for a push mower to include a self-moving feature but this one does not go anywhere unless you push it yourself.

Another downfall to this mower was in the functionality of the wheels. I was not able to raise the mower deck to a high enough level. I would like to see it have more adjustability.

After using this mower for about a year, the entire engine ripped out of it during starting one day. The actual metal casing that is riveted to the deck broke lose. Perhaps this was an operator error though and at any rate it was simple to fix on my own.

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