RoboMower RL850 Robotic Lawn Mower

by Mina Henien
(Huntington Beach, CA, U.S.A)

The RoboMower RL850 Robotic Lawn Mower was my second lawn mower I bought since I bought my new house. This product is really great. I could not believe that it could do all of that. The first time I used it, me and my wife were totally amazed at how much it did for us. It only required me 15 minutes to install it and use it and it only uses a battery to operate.

I never thought they could invent a great robomower like this one. This product has really changed my life. I used to mow my lawn every Saturday and it used to take so much time using my boring corded lawn mower that takes so much time to only operate, but with the RoboMower, I am able to only turn it on and leave to do its work in just about 15 to 20 minutes.

I really recommend this product for any person who is always busy or has too much to do. This product also has great sensors that will not leave any single spot without mowing. This machine has a great operating power. It only uses a battery that lasts for so long time.

I am so happy that it does not use oil or gas. This way there will be no oil or gas dripping on my lawn.

- battery
- just leave it to mow

- no cons

5 out of 5

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