Scott Model S1742

by Melissa E
(Warm Beach, WA)

Several years ago, when we moved to our present home on 1 1/2 acres, we knew we would need a riding lawn mower.

We did our research over the course of a few months, and found the best value for the money was the Scott brand, made by John Deere sold by Home Depot.

The model we bought was about $1700.00 in April 1999. We chose it for the 17 HP and 42" deck and the fact that it had 5 speeds was a bonus.
It has been a workhorse for us. We mow our entire property throughout the year.

Part of our property has a fairly steep grade, which we can handle easily with this powerful engine. This mower can cut the taller stuff when we get too busy to keep things under control and it does a nice job on the weekly mowing too.

It is easy to drive and our kids were able to start mowing from around age 10-11 (with the proper training and supervision).
We try to keep up on the maintenance and store it indoors all year long, in an effort to protect our investment.

We have replaced the belt numerous times, but that seems to be normal wear and tear. We have had some problems with the deck rusting from the corrosive grass clippings, although we have tried to keep those cleared off. Recently, we took the whole deck apart and welded some patches on to keep this mower going. That was a big job, but we hope to keep it running for a very long time!
About the only feature we are missing is the cup holders some of the newer lawn tractors have!

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