Scotts 16Hp 42" Rider Mower

The Scotts 16 Horsepower Rider mower built by John Deere is a lawnmower that holds up extremely well. First of all, it is fairly small and compact. This makes it easily able to fit inside a garage and store. More importantly, its versatility shows up when actually riding it. It can cut sharp turns very easily and because it is fairly light, it can go from slow to quite fast in literally a moment.

Also for those of you who have hills to work with, this mower may be the answer. It can ride up very steep rises, which it has done faithfully in my front yard for years. The downsides with this mower are ones that would come with any lawn mower. It's battery has died a few times over the years, but once we have jumped it with a car, and another time we charged it at a mobile station. Either way, it was never really that big of a deal.

One last point that I have to make is that the engine and automobile runs quite clean. From what I've seen, many modern rider mowers spew clouds of smoke, but not this mower. I am happy that we made the decision to buy this lawn mower probably 5 or 6 years ago, and I am even more happy that it will be able to serve us for years in the future.

If your thinking about getting a lawn mower, and especially a rider mower, getting a used or new Scotts brand John Deer mower would be an excellent choice.

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May 27, 2013
Great for first 3-4 years
by: Anonymous

My rider is about 8 years old and in the last 4 years it has been non stop repairs. In the last year, I cant seem to keep it out of the shop. engine still runs good. But the wiring and deck stinks

Aug 23, 2012
Mine was a workhorse till it blew a rod!
by: Anonymous

Bought my Scott's 16HP, 42" cutting deck from Home Depot in 1999 and it finally bit-the-bullet on me yesterday as the Kohler Command engine spit the rod right through the side of the engine block. I really can't complain much about this mower as it has been very reliable, but I would have liked it to have lasted longer.

By-the-way, My mower was very well maintained and still looks like NEW although the engine decided to call it quits.

I'm going to miss that mower!!!

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