Scotts Elite 16" reel cutter

by joan
(Baldwinsville, NY)

I really love my new lawn mower, a Scotts Elite 16". I bought this mower one year ago, with "being green " in mind, and now, with the price of gas where it is, I'm so glad I did. I also wanted a mower that was American made, and it is.

This mower is the old fashioned reel cutter "push it" kind. It's wonderful because you can make your yard look good and get a little exercise at the same time. This mower uses no gas, it's easy to use, it makes no noise and I can mow in my flip flops. What's not to love?

The mower came in a big box and was in three pieces but was very easy to put together, no tools necessary. The instructions are easy to follow and everything was included. It took me maybe five minutes to assemble. This mower has a height adjustment feature, I can easily choose from three height positions for grass from 1/2" to 2 1/2" in length.

Pretty much maintenance free, the company suggests a regular spray of WD-40 to the cutting surface, cutting reel axle shaft and wheels. This mower is self sharpening with just a quick reversal of the reel.

The manual explains just how to do it, and it also explains how to get replacement parts if you ever need them, but this mower is so solid I can't imagine why I would ever replace a part.

This mower is perfect or small yards. It is easy to push and cuts well. It works on slopes and rough terrain, but does not mow over twigs with out catching on them so you have to pick up the fallen wood first.

I paid under one hundred dollars for this mower and it was a bargain. I highly reccommend it.

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Jul 03, 2012
Great mower
by: Anonymous

Just bought one myself and I absolutely love it. Thank god for no more gasoline and its accompanying exhaust. It cuts very well and is very enjoyable to use.

Mar 30, 2009
Nice adjustable blade height
by: Anonymous

When the old mower that came with my house finally died last summer, I was faced with a choice. Repair it for $200 or buy a new one for at least that much. I went down to, and got to talking with a guy at, my local big-box hardware store. He asked how big my yard was. I considered and said that the lawn portion of my yard was probably about 20 foot by 40 foot. He suggested a push mower as an option.

I selected a Scotts 16 inch push mower. It was an old-school implement, but it reminded me of my grandfather and seemed easy enough for my yard. So I bought it. Now I love it and wouldn’t go back to a gas mower.

I like that it has an adjustable blade height. It seems to adjust from about a half inch up to about 2 and a half. The action on it is pretty smooth and it isn’t very hard to push around and use. I’ve got about 4 months of use on it and it’s still cutting very well. I’m sure that’s because the blades are still sharp.

The cost is what really sold me. At $80, it was less than half of the cost of buying a new one or repairing the one. A big draw of this mower for me is that it’s effectively silent. The push mower also means no more shuttling stinky gas cans around in my car, and no more storing them in the garage. The environmental factor (no pollution) is also a big plus for me too. Not to mention the savings on not buying gas.

They only downside of my push mower is that you have to rake the grass clippings when you’re. That is, there is no bag on the back t catch the clippings. But once I got used to the task, it really doesn’t bother me or take that much time.

All in all I’m very happy with my Scotts push mower and would recommend it to anyone with a small yard.

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