Scotts Riding Mower Model S1742

by Bing
(South Barring, IL, USA)

We purchased our riding lawn mower 6 years ago. Even since we use it for summers and winters (we bought the snow blower for the lawn tractor as well). Since we have a pretty big yard and a fairly long drive way, this tractor has become one of the things that we can't live without them. It also saves us quite a bit money by taking care of the things around our house by ourselves.

Before we bought the tractor, we hired a contract to take care of our lawn and drive way and we ended up with paying ~$1000/year for his service. Later we found that we just need to pay a little bit more we can get a tractor and do the same thing by ourselves without paying that money every year.

Certainly the downside is that we have to do the chore by ourselves. In summer, it really isn't that bad. As a matter of fact, it's a fun to ride the lawn mower to cut the grass and I really enjoy it. Only in winter, things can be a bit tough, especially when it snows over night and we need to go to work the next morning. We have to get up very early in order to clear up the drive way.

Another thing that sometime can cause me headache is switching back forth between the lawn mower and snow blower. Almost every year when I made the change, I had to run to a store to buy replacement for a broken parts. In most cases it's the belt. We used to have a John Deere dealer near by our house. A couple of years ago, the dealership was closed and now we have to buy the parts at a hardware store. For some reason, it's not easy to get the John Deere spare parts. sometimes I had to travel 30 miles to get what I need. It's really a pain in the neck.

In overall, we like the tractor we have, especially in summer. However, the maintenance and switching the tools can be quite a challenge. We wish the manufacture could make something more user friendly.

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