Sears 21 horsepower 48 inch cut mower

by Corry

I have owned several sears mowers over my life time, The first one I bought was 10 years ago it was a 21 horse power with a 36 inch deck. This mower lasted me for over 8 years. the only problems that I really had with the mower was keeping the blades sharp, I would have to sharpen the blades several times thru out the mowing season.

I had to replace the fuel line at around 5 years because it dry rotted at one end, and replaced the spark plug and filters every other year. 2 years ago I decided to upgrade to a new sears mower with a 21 horsepower 48 inch cut mower.

I figured as good as the first sears mower was I would buy another one, Boy was that a mistake.

The mower ran fine for about a year then it started to fall apart. First I noticed that the front tires were starting to wear in a wierd way, unusual that a tractor tire would even start to wear, so I started to look at the front end and the front axel was broke in half.

I called sears and they said the wouldnt fix it because it was operator abuse. I took it to a local garage and they welded the axel back together and replaced both front tires.

The mower was running fine for about 3 months then all of a sudden both mower blades fell off at the same time. I took it back to the local garage and they said that bearings thatrun the blades were shattered. I decided that I had enough, sears wouldn't stand behind any if the breakdowns I fought with them for over a month and they kept saying it was operator abuse, which was bull.

I started to shop around for a new mower and finally decided to buy a John Deer zero turn mowerthis spring and boy am I glad I did its the best mower in the world.

I can mow my grass in have the time as before, and there is a 3 year warrenty on the mower that covers everything.

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