Sears 4.75 Hp push mower

by Sharon S

My husband and I recently purchased a small, 4.75 HP Craftsman push mower with a 20" cut and a Briggs and Stratton engine from a major store chain. This mower has no special features like an attached bag or a mulching capability, but the price, $99.99 couldn't be beat.

After priming the mandatory three times, it will pull start immediately. Only in rare occasions will it not start, and that's usually easily remedied by an additional press of the "prime" button.
This mower is not the moist noisy one I've ever heard, and it cuts the lawn really well, despite the fact that our "lawn" is more weedy than grassy.

If the weeds have gotten fairly tall, however, you have make your initial cutting path and then overlap with succeeding passes as it will choke down if you try to force it through exceptionally tall weeds, same as any push mower.

This mower is easy to push and only chokes down in the taller weeds. If my husband or sons are outside mowing the lawn, I can't even hear it running unless my windows or doors are open, which is a big plus in my book.

Despite the fact that we should probably mow our weedy acre and a half with a riding mower, this push mower seems to do the job fairly well and hopefully will hold out until we can afford a riding mower.

If it continues at the rate it is now, I'm sure we'll buy Craftsman for our riding mower or riding tractor.

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