Sears Craftman LT1000 model # 917274350

by Karin
(East Stroudsburg )

Love my riding mover had it about 5 years. Sears guy comes every year changes oil and tunes up. The price is right. This is the first year I'm paying for my tune up and having my blades changed. I like riding my mover it gets me out and about the yard and I'm getting something done. My son also rides the mover.

I had a ancient mover it bit the dust didn't fill the oil. So that's why I like the sears guy coming and I won't have that problem. Never used the lights on the mower and never need to use them but still glad to have them just in case I'd like to use them.

Every year I have to charge the battery because when I have to start it the battery is worn down over the winter. I hope this winter I'll remember to start it now and then and then I won't have this problem.

I like that I can let it run with out the blade so that I can get off of it to pick up sticks and etc.

I also like that it has 6 speeds so I can start slow and go faster as I get going. The other thing I like about my riding mower is that I can cut the grass at different levels. So that if its dry I can not cut the grass so short. I also like that its easy to clean its grey and I just wipe it down looks great.

I've already used it this year. Started moving a patch of land so I can start a garden. Easy to start and rides nice. I also like that the sears number is on the mower I use it often even for other items that are not mowers they connect me through to the right department.

I am 54 years old and I have a lot of grass to mow so I'm very glad to have a a good mower and I would recommend this one to anyone who has a lot of grass to mow.

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