Sears Craftsman 21" model 917-370714

So far I have been very pleased with this mower.

It has worked well as a mulching mower, in side discharge mode, and for grass pickup and leaf pickup in the fall.

It has the Z easy pull start feature. This works very well almost all of the time. My wife finds it very easy to start with this feature. Even when the temperature is in the forties in the fall it still only takes 2 or three easy pulls to get the mower started.

The fuel economy is also impressive. Compared to its predecessor, also a Sears Craftsman, this mower gets about twice the "mileage". With the old mower it took a full tank to mow my quarter acre lawn; with the new mower I get two complete mows from one tank.

The mower has sufficient power to handle most suburban yard taks. Even in the spring when the lawn may get a little long between mows, this mower works with little protest. The rear wheel self propulsion makes the mower easy to manuever.

On the down side, the height adjustment can be easily reset if you brush up against a fence or a tree and you need to be careful with the oil filler cap because it is easy to think that it is all the way closed when it may not be.

All in all I would buy this model of mower again.

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Jun 15, 2013
Walk behind is push behind
by: Michael

I don't find the walk behind feature to work well. It did for a year and then it stopped working as well. Yes, I adjusted the cable. Yes, I replaced the belt which helped for a bit. I even tried to "override" the spring that controls the tension to increase the tension but that also only worked for a bit. Disappointed.

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