Sears Craftsman LT4000

by Angela Davidson
(Alabaster, Alabama, United States)

We bought our Sears Craftsman LT4000 lawn mower over fifteen years ago from a family friend. The mower is probably around twenty years old. We have spent countless hours on the mower and have never had any trouble out of it until this year. This lawn mower has given me many years of easy grass cutting!

If you are looking at the design of the mower, you will find that it has an adjustible seat for your comfort. Also, it comes with a Kohler engine, headlights, a forty-two inch deck, double blades, double belts, and has easy access to the engine. The height of the deck is easily adjusted with the twist of a knob.

Last year the mower started to fall apart piece by piece. Many of the welds on the deck were coming apart. When an entire blade assembly came off, we decided to replace it. This however sounds a lot easier than it was.

The assembly was easily replaced, however, this had thrown one of the two belts off. The belt is actually quite difficult to tighten and access! We replaced, or fixed everything and the mower runs like a dream again!

Overall, the lawn mower has been excellent and would be a fine addition to any family!! The design is great, engine has always run very well, and it cuts like a dream. The mowers are obviously very durable.

No problems for over fifteen years is a pretty good track record! The only difficulty was working on it. A few of the parts were hard to find, or difficult to put back on the mower.

Overall, I would recommend this mower, or brand to anyone! We have had such a pleasant experience with it, our next one will be the same!

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