Sears Craftsman Mower Model # 38845

by Antonya
(Jacksonville FL)

I just recently purchased this Craftsman Mower from Sears, and let me tell you this mover does wonders for my yard. The features that are included in the lawnmower helps my yard work with ease.

There are several features including the one start push button which prevent less choke when it comes to starting my lawnmower, which is a lifesaver considering I a small women who have problems starting a lawnmower. There is also the bag entry which helps collects all of the clippings from the yard, or you can use without for environmentally friendly way to save the earth.

I do notice however, if you do not use the catcher bag and your grass this too high you will have some extra grass on the ground, which can be easily raked into the ground.

There are also high wheels in the back of this lawnmower, so you do hills with ease, or if your grass is thicker you can easily maneuver with out having the mower cut off.

This mower also has the Sears Craftsman logo, which you and everyone else knows, is one of the most reliable products that you can have these days.

The blade even though is new is razor sharp with prefect cutting for that professional look. Overall, this mower is one of the best in the class, with great handling as well as the one touch start, as well as the Craftsman logo you know that this mower is one of the best and I will enjoy this mower.

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Dec 30, 2010
3 engines in 2 years
by: Anonymous

after 4 months of use they put a new carburetor on it due to low power output, then after 6 more months they put a new engine on it after it seized. then 6 months i got a new carburetor for poor power, then 3 months i got another new engine because it seized. currently waiting on what they will do next on it as it has seized again.

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