Sears push lawn mower model number 917.372480

We have a Sears push lawn mower, model number 917.372480. It is self-propelled, has a 5 horsepower motor, and 22 inch-wide cut. It gives you the option of bagging (rear discharge) or mulching. Front and rear wheels can be adjusted for height – there are about 5 height settings on each wheel.

We purchased this mower from Sears in 1992 for about $350 and it has been used every summer since, with the exception of one or two when we lived in an apartment. For the last 9 years, it has been mowing nearly an acre of lawn each summer. I can’t say anything bad about this mower. It has been exceptionally reliable, effective, and easy to use.

As the woman of the house, I appreciate that it starts easily – usually with just a pull or two – and is easy to manipulate around the yard. The self-propelled feature has also been great as the kids have grown up and begun to do the lawn mowing. We usually use this mower without the bagging option, and it does a fine job of mulching the clippings. But the bagger is easy to use and works well.

It holds 2 cubic feet of clippings, enough that you don’t have to stop every few minutes, but not so much that I or the kids can’t handle emptying it. Aside from periodically changing air filters and sharpening blades, we haven’t had any real maintenance issues. This year we’ve had to replace the cable that operates the self-propelled feature – not bad for 16 years usage.

I think the fact that we’ve used this mower since 1992 speaks volumes about the quality of Sears’s mowers. (My daddy was right all those years – he owns nothing but Craftsman tools!)

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