Snapper Lawn Mower Model P21675B

by Angela

The Snapper mower is very efficient. It steers easily and it is self propelled to help save you work. It handles a high volume so you can keep working longer in between changing the bag. It comes with a factory installed bag. You can set the speed so you you can set your own pace and not be rushed or go to slow.

Maybe you want to take awhile so you aren't rushed onto the next project. This makes your work easy and very precise. It's always been easy to start and the plugs to not foul to easy. I is bag only so you must run with the bag attached.

It is not a mulching mower. This may be a draw back to some. You can get a mulching option for this however. You can also get a side chute. It adjust in a range of four inches. It's got an easy to use console.

There's a two year warranty for home use. It weights a mere ninety pounds. You can easily lift it in and out of your truck or trailer for mobile jobs, like if you run a business. The warranty is only ninety days for commercial use however.

It's a little tricky going up hills and you have to watch out for rocks. Uneven terrain can make the cut more ruff but most lawns this wont be an issue. I like that it is easier to get around trees and posts than with a riding lawn mower.

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Feb 16, 2013
snapper mower
by: Anonymous

This mower has been nothing but problems. I have
owned in for on year and it is in the shop monthly.
First. the transmission went out, then the drive control cable broke. It has never started after it
get hot. The auto choke was replaced then the
manifold was replaced they said it was cracked.
This did not fix the problem. I have asked that
the mower be replace but Snapper and its dealer
refuse to do so. Now, they are rebuilding the
motor. I thought I was buying quality when I
purchased Snapper....No way! I have owned Snapper
products in the past and this doesn't come close.

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