Snapper RE200 RE1330 riding mower

I bought Snapper RE200 RE1330 two and a half years ago when our family shifted from a flat in an apartment to our own independent house. Earlier I had never used any lawn mower but my Snapper being very easy to use was a great help.

It is a high end riding mower with a 30-inch cutting deck and 12-inch turning radius. It has got a 13 horse power engine which provides equal speed whether going forward or backward and with a weight of 415 lbs. It has got a lot of features some of them like it has got a tight turning radius of 12-inch, it has got an auto leveler system which keeps the machine level to the ground over uneven terrain for a clean cut, even when the user makes tight turns.

As was talking about the engine it is 13-hp Briggs & Stratton Intek engine which gives a relatively low speed of 5 mph but its good for medium-sized yard. Other thing about this mower is that it has got a 2-gallon gas tank which is ok for medium-sized yard but you may need to fill it more then once if using it on a large-sized yard and as the deck size is small you may require more time to mow a lawn then usual. Other then that the blade can be raised or lowered for a 1- to 3.75-inch cut. One more thing which I have noticed in some other riding mowers carboraters tend to overflow the oil with gasoline which is not a problem with snapper RE200 RE1330.

All in all this lawn mower is a great value to your money with a great performance and can be used in medium-sized yards with varying terrain. One thing more it requires very less maintenance. I have been using it for past two and a half years and have to admit that I had not made a wrong choice in selecting my lawn mower.

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Jun 30, 2012
The whole company is like the mower; it stinks
by: Mark

Due to medical reasons, I needed a mower with a hydro-static drive. After research, I felt the Snapper was a good fit. I called 12 dealerships who didn't even know Snapper made the RE200. I contacted Snapper who, after a week, found one at a dealer an hour from my home. I got the mower and was sent a catcher free for my troubles. So far, so good. Got to cut the yard four times before it stopped moving. I made what I considered a reasonable request from Snapper; find me a dealership who has a trained mechanic for this model. No response, 1 week, resent the request, no response 5 days, then a e-mail wanting me to resend my e-mail. Sent an e-mail to the web site during this time as well. Finally, after two weeks I get a reply. Did you ever get this fixed? I sent another e-mail and told the manager I was so sorry I owned this mower and I wished I could get my money back. I explained the problems, the grass catcher is oblong which gets clogged at the drop of a hat, you need the strength of ten to pull up the mower deck due to the location of the handle. You can not tip the mower up to work on it when it has a problem. But all is well as Snapper refunded me the full amount of the mower but still doesn't care enough about their customers to look at their issues nor correct any problems. Either way, I am looking at Snapper in my rear view mirror and will not look back. Four times around a half acre lot that has a house, woods, and tree "islands." I did drive the trip twice, once to get the mower repaired (before the refund) and once to drop off the bagger (which too is a piece of junk). Now, I am looking at a Hustler with a Honda motor as Briggs & Statton owns Snapper. DO NOT BUY THIS HEADACHE

May 18, 2009
Small fuel tank needs to be refilled quite often

With its many useful features, I would rate the Snapper RE200 RE1330 riding lawn mower the best machine I have used in this class. It comes with a thirty-inch cutting deck with a twelve-inch turning radius. The blade can be adjusted for a 1- 4-inch cut. The clippings are dispensed on the right side and are evenly distributed without clumping.

However, when cutting wet or very tall grass the blade chokes a bit clogging the side discharge. This can be overcome by mowing your lawn more often. The machine weighs about 415 pounds so transporting it may be a problem.

The Snapper RE200 RE1330 riding lawn mower has a snapper auto-leveler system that helps retain a clean cut on uneven ground, and when taking tight corners. This can be very helpful when mowing around obstacles such as trees or garden benches. It operates with a 13-hp Briggs & Stratton engine mounted at the back and fed by an average 2-gallon tank, which runs it at a moderate low speed, 5 mph top speed. This can be quite slow if you are working on a big area.

The Snapper RE200 RE1330 riding lawn mower uses hydrostatic transmission and a hand lever that allows equal speed when moving forward or in reverse. It has a sturdy steel framework and an adjustable seat with a high back for maximum comfort. The main advantages of the Snapper RE200 RE1330 riding lawn mower is the excellent traction, auto-leveler and the ability to cut tight corners. However, it is quite expensive and the small fuel tank may need to be refilled quite often when mowing large areas.

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