Snapper rear Riding Mower 3317BVE mowers

by Jennifer Logan

When looking for a riding lawn mower, I can across the Snapper Rear Riding Mower 3317BVE. What attracted me to that model is because it proclaimed to be very easy to use, that even I a female who has never had a riding mower, can literally get on and get mowing. Also, the low maintenance feature was very important to me, as I am very mechanically inclined.

Some of the great pros I found is: Electronic starter makes it very easy to start. No more pulling a cord over and over again, one turn and you are ready to go. Great safety features, if you fall off the mower will stop mowing a die, preventing injury or further accidents.

Mower is very easy to use, select speed you want to go, 1 being the slowest, 5 being the fastest, then select blade height and you are on your way. The deck has a wide radius, so you are saving on gas when you mow because you dont have to keep mowing and mowing over places you have already gone, which is important now that gas is $3.50 a gallon. No more mixing special fuels with regular gas n e more, just pour and go.

Cons: Battery is extremely hard to get to, so if you have to replace it you have to pull aside a panel that you must remove with a screw driver, makes it hard to work on and consumes time, also you can hurt your knuckles banging them trying to get the battery out.

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Jul 26, 2010
by: Anonymous

don't let it freeze in winter and get a "battery tender" $30 with quick connection I went all out and got a AGM deka battery,ie absorbed glass mat,it was $80 but 6 years later still cranking hard. LOVE both of my SNAPPERs as well as my great grand-mothers. see post 7/27/10

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