Snapper Riding Mower 355Z 24/44

I got to say that my experience with the Snapper 355Z 24/44 has been great so far.I am using it since last 3 years. Snapper 355Z 24/44 is a zero turning radius riding lawn mower which has the newest design. As compared to the movement of conventional riding lawn mower its speed and accuracy is double. Though the price is high $4300-4500 but after using it I feel that the product is worth the price.

Buying a lawn mower is not an easy job as they come in a variety of models.One has to keep in mind the lawn size that is to be mowed and terrain. Snapper 355Z 24/44 looks like a luxurious car which has been morphed into a mower. It is a high-end residential mower which exceeds many of the basic functions of other homeowner targeted models.

It is equipped with an advance hydraulic system. Unique Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission is designed for added torque when one need it,to make short work of large properties. The machine has twin lever.Snapper 355Z 24/44 is quick and offers a versatile cutting deck which offers seven height adjustments ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. The high power and quality makes cutting the lawn fast and easy. Work is done at the same time one enjoys like riding a car.

The sophisticated suspension makes the ride smooth.The noise made by Snapper355Z 24/44 is low so working is not a trouble.The steering wheel is also simple to use.It provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The 6.5 gallon fuel tank is the ideal size for a residential mower and is large enough for full day cut of a large yard.

Whether you are an expert landscaper or a homeowner with more than your share of yard to mow,a mower becomes a necessity. To spend hours and hours mowing lawn is difficult. To keep the lawn in shape mower is a necessary tool and a riding lawn mower can be an indispensable labor saver.So one has to be very careful while buying a mower for their lawn. If you want quality and dependability then go ahead for Snapper 355Z24/44.

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