Snapper self propelled mulching mower

by Tom
(Ft. Myers, FL USA)

We bought a Snapper self propelled,mulching mower when we moved to Chicago. We always believed the mulching feature made alot of sense for several reasons. First of all, it acts as a fertilizer. The re-cut blades of grass get added back to the soil and renew the nutrients.

Second we didn't have to worry about the mower throwing grass where we didn't want it...onto the neighbor's yard, in the street or, the worst, onto people walking by.

Lastly the mulching feature allowed us to skip the raking step. With other mowers we always had to rake up the grass clippings. Our Snapper mulcher saved us time and money. Without the mulching attachment we had to buy disposal sacks and pay the garbage company to take them away. Buying a mulching mower actually saved us time and money.

Another feature that we have enjoyed over the years is that the mower is self propelled. We didn't have a great deal of elevation change in Chicago, but what we did have posed no problem to this mower. It took the "hill" easily. Our house abutted a park with a pond. The house was higher than the pond so cutting from the pond up to the house was a bit steep, at least for that part of the country. On a hot summer day it was great to have the mower pushing itself up the incline over and over again.

We regularly had the mower serviced...oil change, blade sharpening, other minor work. With that small attention to maintenance we got 15+ years of service from our Snapper mower.

I strongly endorse the Snapper brand. The construction is rugged. It only takes one or two tugs to start and handles easily even with the self propelled model. Maintenance was inexpensive and the mower has been extremely reliable. Even though it was a rugged mower, the kids could use it too without any difficulty.

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