Task Force 20" Rotary Model #227683

by Neil
(Winterville, NC)

Summer was coming and my gas mower was on the fritz. Oil was leaking everywhere and I was tired of the mess. I remembered the old fashioned rotary mowers and how I could really use some fresh air while getting some well needed extra exercise.

I ran on down to Lowes thinking they would have one for about $50. The price is a little shocking. It was about $115. Little steep, but I wanted to give this "Go Green" thing a try.

I did a little research (post purchase) and a few landscapers said that it was actually better to use a rotary mower then a traditional mower. That made me feel like I had a little ammunition when confronted by everyone who thought I was crazy.

OK, Pros and Cons. First to the Cons.

1. It does not do well with extremely high or tall thin grass.
2. It will take you slightly longer as you have to overlap you paths more than a traditional mower.
3. After about 10 cuts you will have to start using a lubricant to start the day (or deal with the screech. Once into the grass, the grass acts as the lubricant and it is not very noisy.

The Pros are pretty simple.
1. Great little extra exercise (faster the stride, the more the resistance as the blades turn faster).
2. No smells of gas or oil (one of my favorite reasons).
3. Saves money. I know, how much can a mower burn. Keep track over a busy summer and you will see!!!
4. Very clean cut. I do think my yard looks great when done with it.
5. Light weight and compact

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. Now I need to figure out how to sharpen the blades, without taking it in to the shop. I would highly recommend this mower.

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