The Swisher Zero-turn Lawn Tractor ZT2350

by Asha Jayaraman
(Palani, Tamilnadu, India)

My farmhouse in North California had one of the worst push lawn mower which was as old as my farm and I had to spend almost a day mulching through the entire lawn. The landscape of my lawn was quite simple in spite of its vast dimension so I decided to replace it with a Swisher Zero turning ZT2350 riding or tractor type lawn mower.

I compared the Swisher ZT2350 products with several company merchandises before its possession and it is one of the supreme products of its kind with excellent value for its price tag. It is renowned as the first zero-turn lawn tractor. It contains an optional snow blower attachment, which is absolutely essential in winter.

My neighboring farm owned a similar lawn mower which offered competent performance, much better than its contemporary models. I read some good reviews about the product and finally plunged ahead to purchase it with my saving collections. On immediate arrival, the Service Engineer demonstrated its capabilities, and I managed to clip an acre of wild turf completely within half an hour.

The Swisher lawn tractor Model ZT2350 had good quality engines and it is a zero turn mower. The resolute performance of the lawn mower is due to the B&S ELS engine and long-lasting steel material. Most of the spare parts are made with durable stainless steel, not inferior low-grade plastic that develops cracks and breaks frequently. The company retails supplementary mulching blades and belts through mail dispatches.

Electric starters, molded plastic chairs and cup-holders are some of the features in the lawn mower. The Swisher lawn tractor contains three blades for speedy cutting and it cost around 2500 dollars, a fraction compared to the other pricey mowers.

Care should be maintained while cutting wet grass turf on slopes because of the powerful engine and speed at 5mts per hour. In spite of this, the ZT2350 lawn mower is resourceful for everyday lawn cutting and mulching.

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