The Toro LX423

by Holl

I have the Toro LX423 and I love it. As a 30 something mother in the suburbs with 3 kids this wonderful machine has been a godsend at speeding up my lawn work. The Toro has turned mowing the lawn into something must less painful.

My yard is about 150 feet by 100 feet with a steep sloping backyard. The slope ends where the water of the lake behind my house begins. This means that I need excellent brakes and some serious horse power to carry my husband’s 250 pound body up the hill while cutting the grass. It is stable and does not easily roll over on the hill and it handles the bumps of tree roots in our front yard.

The turning radius makes it agile for tight turns and it maneuvers well around the obstacles in the front yard. The machine is also very fuel efficient and easy to service. There are Toro dealer all over the nation, making parts and servicing a snap. The washout port makes clean up simple and helps you to maintain your investment in this machine. The knobs and levers are clearly labeled in a very easy to understand manner. Who needs to wonder which is fast and which is slow when the graphics are a rabbit and a turtle? This means that it is user friendly to a younger person who is just learning to mow the yard and an older person as well.

The speeds range from I very honestly can walk at least twice this fast with a broken foot and a walker to hold on for dear life! This really is a diverse piece of equipment that the whole family can use and enjoy. It was well thought out and designed with simplicity and performance in mind. An excellent value for your money.

- value for money
- great design
- easy to use

- none

5 out of 5

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Nov 14, 2011
DO NOT BUY Waste Your Time Or Money
by: Anonymous

If you want nothing but headaches and roll the dice if your lawn mower starts when you want it not waste your money or time! I own one 30 hours on the machine has been in the repair shop 4 times, does not start. Transmission already went, 2 times the belts have fallen off. Have been told I am the only one with the issues.
Of course I have been told by the Toro Rep they have covered everything under warranty. If you enjoy paying to have your lawn mower transported (warranty does not cover) go and buy one. If the thing makes it to 50 hours I am going to tell myself I got my monies worth!!! WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK. Better yet go to your Toro Dealer and have them wash their hands when they cannot help you...The dealer I am dealing with has gracefully done so.

May 18, 2011
Would never buy another
by: Anonymous

This machine has been nothing but a only one year old.

We bought it brand new, it's stored indoors, has never been used for anything but mowing 1 acre and blowing snow on and off in the winter, and all recomended maintenance has been followed to the letter.

At 40.1 hrs the govenor on the engine went out. Took it in for repairs. At 40.3 hrs the engine threw a rod and it went to the shop again. Got it back home one month later after a new short block (engine) was installed. Now at 40.4 hrs it started blowing fuses and again it is in the shop for warranty work. The ignition switch, starter, and starter selonoid are currently suspect. Once it comes home again we'll see what else goes wrong with it.

The whole thing will probably explode when the engine and tractor warranty expire if things keep going like they are.

Save yourself some money and a whole lot of frustration...DO NOT BUY ONE!

I bought a Toro rider because that's what my dad always had and the only thing he's ever had to do in the 13 years he's had his latest one is routine maintenance. Obviously not the case any longer. Toro is NOT what it used to be.

Mar 28, 2011
A great tractor
by: Anonymous

My toro lx 423 is the best tractor id have ever used.My last machine was a john deer and no way did i ever get the service like i do with my toro. As far as im consern i will always own a toro tractor the cut is great. and performance is top problems at all

Nov 16, 2010
it is a quality built machine
by: Anonymous

Overall this has been a pretty good lawn mower. It has done great things for my lawn and allowed me to have more time to spend with my kids. This Toro model has excellent maneuverability. You can easily drive it around trees and other obstructions.I have used it to mowe my lawn, roll my lawn, and even pull a small wagon to pick up debree that has fallen out of my large trees. The seat is very comfortable to sit on and makes the duty of mowing the lawn a little easier.

On the other hand, it is a bit noisey. Maybe I am a little bit picky about noise levels, but I always have to wear ear phones to quiet it down. Also, the lights on my Toro went out. Not really a huge deal considering I do not mowe at night, but if I ever had to for some reason I would not be able to. No way does it deserve top honors of a 5. There is always room for improvement, and I am sure that Toro is on the leading edge of lawn tractors. It does start everytime on the first try and has not shown any signs of trouble with the motor.

I think overall it is a quality built machine that should last me a long time as long as I do my duty and keep it maintained. So if you are looking to buy your first lawn tractor or replace an older model, you may want to give Toro a try. You may even rate your Toro 5 out of 5. I look forward to seeing what other models that they come out with in the future.

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