Toro 1500

by Spunky
(Buffalo, NY)

Hello! This is a review of our Toro 1500.

This lawn mower is almost a part of our family!

Our son mows approximately 14 lawns a week to help pay for his high school education at a better school. I am very sure that this lawn mower is not a commercial lawn mower and certainly it was not made to do this type of "bull work" but it has done so for a very long time. I told my son I was writing this article and he said to say that compared to other brands he has used, if he could, he would buy a whole truckload of these. That is how much he likes our Toro 1500.

Our lawn mower is sturdy, well built and even though we have a professional lawn mower repair shop nearby, we can fix it ourselves because it's mechanical makeup is very easy to figure out.

One of our lawn mower's features is that it is a mulching mower and it does this in fine style. The lawns our son mows (including ours) have not been very well taken care of, so our Toro 1500 has to take on what seems like every type of weed known to man. Our mower happily mulches all of that, along with the grass with no hitch whatsoever.

The only problem I can think of is that the front wheels on the Toro 1500 used to vibrate off. We fixed this by putting an extra nut on the front wheels to hold them in place. That technique worked like a charm.

We love our Toro 1500!

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