Toro 20064 Variable Speed

by Edward
(Columbus, Ohio)

This lawn mower is a great piece of equipment for anyone who likes to do it themselves. I used to hire out to a landscaping service, but I received this mower recently and have since told the landscapers that they do not need to make a trip back to my lawn.

I enjoy this mower as it is easy to navigate around my back and front yard, and I find that the mower essentially self-propels itself when you engage the motor and you need only walk behind it to cut your lawn.

This specific model includes an adjustable cut range (the height of the blade off of the ground), which is nice because I like to keep my lawn as short and neat as possible.

This mower goes all the way down to around an inch and a half of cut range, which leaves the fresh-cut grass as a great complement to my home. On this mower, I received the rear bag for all the clippings, and it has never jammed on me or stopped the mower from operating.

It is a very simple, yet powerful mower that is easy to work with, but I have found one minor fault with it. My backyard has a few roots above grass level from a beautiful oak tree, and instead of trying to uproot them, I have let them be and unfortunately they have invaded a small corner of my yard.

When I approach the grass area surrounding the roots, I find it very difficult to move over the roots to continue with a smooth route of mowing. Personally, I like my lawn to look very neat and precise, even in the back, and I find that it is very hard to navigate these roots without losing track of the path that I am on.

To me, this translates into a lack of power in the motor, but it is something that I don’t experience anywhere else when I take care of my lawn.

Overall, this mower is a great buy for yourself or serves as a great gift to someone who mows their own yard. It and comes with a warranty that makes the purchase very much worthwhile, and is a nice model which actually has me excited to get out and mow my lawn for a change.

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May 19, 2010
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by: Anonymous

How do you expect to keep a smooth route when you're going over a bunch of bumpy roots?

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