Toro 20092 Personal Pace 3-in-1

by James
(Forest Hills, NY)

I've had the Toro Personal Pace 3-in-1 for about three months now and I can say that I am really impressed with it's performance thus far. For years, I used a manual mower when I had to mow my backyard lawn and as I was growing up, I had the same thing going on when I had to mow my parents front lawn for my weekly allowance.

Having this Toro Personal Pace mower makes me wish I would've spent my allowance money on one of these a lot sooner. It certainly would have saved me a lot of work. This lawnmower had more features than some of the other Toro mowers I've seen on the market, like an improved bagging system which makes it a lot easier for me to get rid of that grass.

For years, I dealt with emptying out the metal basket after using a manual mower. Before that, I had to rake the grass after I mowed. This mower has made my work a lot easier and accomplished tasks that my old mowers could never accomplish. I did have one problem with the mower not starting when I first got it.

The warranty said that there's a 5 year "guaranteed to start" policy so I found it a little odd that a week in, I was having trouble, but that's been the only problem I've had with it at all so far. This mower is also pretty easy to clean.

There's a wash out port which allows you to hose the grass off the mower without turning it over. According to my neighbor, that's a big hassle that's saved.

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