Toro 21" 22187

by Ryan

I can’t say enough about the Toro commercial grade 21” mowers. Man, these things are great. I tried Hondas and several others, which are okay, but the Toro just blows them out of the water.

First, the Toros are light which makes those long days of mowing easier, and if you’re a homeowner with any hills at all, or if it’s just a hot day it’s going to really pay off. In tight corners I could easily pull or nudge the mower around without much effort at all. Once again, after an hour in the sun you’re really going to appreciate that.

Second, Toros are really fast. The highest gear goes, I would say, about a brisk walking pace for a tall guy like me, which is great. I can really get going on the flats and the wheels are really responsive and have great traction.

Next, Toros mulch a lot better than any mower I have ever used. I don’t care if the grass is 6 inches tall, the things just mulch right through without leaving any clumps. I’ve mowed tall grass in the rain and it still mulches fine.

They really spared no expense on these things. The gas tank is large, and the bag is huge—1 bushel. This is one durable machine. I’ve had my current for about 3 years now and it always starts on the first or second pull and the maintenance is negligible. So if anyone asks me what mower to get, I guarantee Toro every time. The 21” cannot be beat.

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