Toro 22 in. 6.5tp. Walk Behind - From Home Depot

by Jon
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I bought this mower a few years ago, and it has run flawlessly since. Every year, I make sure to change the oil, and the spark plugs, and drain the gas each winter. The mower has always started on the first or second pull. Occassionally after a long winter, it may take a couple of tries to get it going, but properly maintained, it will run well for years.

The only problem I have had with it is the handle screws where the push handle folds in half. I have lost probably three of those in three years. Now, I am pretty aggressive and fast with the mower, and have had to transport it to cut grass at a few properties, so my experience may be a unique one. If you are using it within its specified manufacturers settings, you should be fine. Those bolts are easily replaced if you lose one.

The only other issue I have somewhat repeatedly, that’s more annoying than anything, is that the pull cord sometimes slips out of its holder on the pushing handle. That’s easily enough remedied by re-routing it through the eyelet on the handle, but seems to happen frequently.

The cut is great, and the mulcher function works really well for lighter grasses like fine shade grass. The blower and bagger functions also work just fine, even on low cuts. I hardly ever use the bag, trying to be environmentally conscious, and the blower or mulcher work great, and keep my lawn free of debris.

Mechanically, I have had zero problems in three years. Regularly changing the filter, oil, gas, and spark plugs seems to really keep this mower working at peak performance.

The Toro engine is a very high quality engine that seems like it will last for years. The price was great, and the longevity of this machine makes it worth every penny.

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Aug 14, 2010
Paid reviewer
by: Gary Watts

Obviously, you do this for a living. Truth be told, I used their "Toro" once, and it broke the next time I tried to use it. A clutch that was designed and built by Chinese people used a lever to control it made of plastic. I would allow you to do this to a $150 mower, but decency requires a better design for $420. After all, a lawnmower is a "durable good". So then I went to Home Depot with the mower, and they started some sort of process where I pay for repairs. I told them I wanted satisfaction and they recited policy. Now they want $65 for a min wage employee to put another plastic lever on. So that's about $500 for 1 lawn mow. The stupid thing has no neutral, and tears up the lawn to turn. I hat ethe mower design SO MUCH, that I don't want it back.

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