Toro Low Wheel Self Propelled Lawn Mower

by Brian
(New Jersey)

Fantastic lawn mower. One of the best i've had. A friend of mine had gotten one similar before me, and he told me that it was pretty good.. so i decided to buy one. The cost was surprisingly cheap for such an efficient lawn mower. I was expecting to pay at least 50 dollars more. The size of my yard is fairly large, but not quite large enough for a ride-on lawn mower; and this one really gets the job done fast and effectively.

The bag is very easily removed and replaced. It starts amazingly fast, usually on the first pull, and im pretty sure it's guaranteed to, or the manufacturer will fix it for free; which is also a good thing to think about. Another convenient feature is the simplicity of cleaning. I attach a hose to the port and the bottom side of the mower is cleaned. This prevents a lot of hassle, and it always makes me feel a little better that after a long job of mowing, I wont have to go through the procedures of cleaning it. Being that the lawn mower isn't that big itself, I can easily transport it to my parents house to mow their lawn as well.

Helping out my parents used to be an annoyance when it came to mowing their lawn, because of their old lawn mower, but now that I have this one, the job is much easier and much less annoying. Another amazing feature of this brilliant lawn mower is the 'recycler'. It grinds up the grass clippings into small bits, and spreads them throughout the yard. It helps make my yard look a lot more lively and healthy.

I'm sure I leave my neighbors jealous, haha. But with only good things to say about this lawn mower, I'd have to recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase a new lawn mower in the near future. The design of this one is, in my opinion, flawless. With a medium-large sized lawn, this mower gets the job done fast and efficiently. It's easy to clean, and even easier to maintain.

All at a very reasonable price. Actually I could call it a bargain, because the effectiveness of this mower outweighs its price by far. After all of these great qualities, there isn't much more I could ask for. The Toro Low Wheel Self Propelled Lawn Mower is by far, the most efficient lawn mower I have ever used.

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