Toro Recycler (22") 190cc 3-in-1 Personal Pace

I've owned every type of gas powered walk behind mower from super cheap Wal-Mart specials to a $700 Honda. Though I appreciate the Honda's engineering (double blades, easy start, smooth and quiet running), I do not think it is worth $300 more than the Toro. The Personal Pace's party piece is its instantly adjustable speed. Pushing the handlebar controls the pace, it is genius.

Few mowers have such a simple and easy way of moving forward. I highly recommend everyone should at least try this mower before buying anything else. Not a problem for me, but unlike the Honda, Toro's pull start is not for the weak arm. Toro guarantees their mowers to start in two pulls or less but those with hernia-phobia should check out the optional electric start.

Keep the blade sharp and cutting quality will be plenty good. Even though my Honda had a similarly sized motor, it was not as strong cutting up tougher green stuff. The Toro's Briggs and Stratton engine has no problem charging into thick and tall grass. Do to my procrastination habits, I have discovered the mulching abilities are barely adequate for grass more then an inch above cutting level.

I also discovered the Toro side discharge chute is not professional at distributing said longer clippings evenly. The included bag which easily attaches to the rear of the mower does an excellent job of containing all the clippings. I have discovered the bag fills up ridiculously quick when cutting grass over an inch.

Basically, this mower does everything the tidy home owner needs while making mowing almost fun with the sweet personal pace system. This Toro is possibly the perfect grass cutter for humans less prone to procrastinate

- Super fast self-propelled system
- Engine is plenty powerful

- Noisy
- Pull start could be easier

5 out of 5

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Apr 09, 2011
by: David R

This is by far the WORST mower I have purchased. Got it at Home Depot in 2010 but should have taken it straigth back.
I have had nothing but problems. It's got the electric start and is supposed to be "guaranteed to start". It did it the first time out of the box. Second mows and all mows later on it's FIRST year of use were filled with horrific experiences getting it started using either electric or by pull.

I don't know why i DIDN'T RETURN IT ASAP. Stupid mistake.
If I could rate it lower than 1 star I would.

So I'm just going into year 2 and first mow and I've been working on getting it started for over an hour with not even a hint of starting. Piece of CRAP.
Even made sure fuel is fresh, etc. Just got a lemon *10.

Oct 08, 2010
Personal DISGRACE Pace
by: Jim

I will be quick. I bought a Toro 20041 Personal Pace model a couple of years ago from Home Depot. I use it 15 times a year. Personal pace is JUNK. Took it to two shops and both wanted $350 to fix. I paid $350 for it orginally. YOU have been WARNED.

Oh, I have a Toro model 20692 bought in May 1988. Still starts first pull with forward settings and REVERSE. The Toro Personal Pace line is JUNK.

I am getting a HONDA.

Sep 12, 2010
toro is a great lawn mower for me.
by: Anonymous

I am 69 yrs young, have had my Toro Lawn Mower for 10 (ten) yes ten years and it has been a wonderful mower. My wheels are getting a little slick and need atleast one new front left but my repair place wants $18.00 for the wheel and $20.00 to install it. I would do it myself but have weak wrists, so don't know what to do. Have been looking at Honda's but am not sure about how heavy it is, and would it be a good mower for me and my age. I kinda want a mowere that does not use so much gas. Any suggestions. Texas Girl.

Nov 20, 2009
Just get yourself a Toro and be done with it
by: Phil

- great in tall grass
- great cut/mulch/bagging options

- none

5 out of 5

After spending my first year of home ownership borrowing mowers and paying neighbor kids, I decided it was time to invest in a quality self-propelled mower. Several days of research and asking around led me to the Toro recycler series. I can say with certainty that I made the right choice.

My Toro is powered by a 6.5 horsepower 190cc Briggs and Stratton motor. Even in the tallest grass, the mower won't bog down. After a season's use, the engine is burning just a bit of oil, needing a top off about once ever 6-8 cuts. My lot is under 3/4ths of an acre, and the mower will burn through about 2/3rds of a tank of gas per cut. in practice, I can cut the front and back yard, and have enough gas left over if I forget to refuel (and I often do) to cut the front yard again.

The big selling point for me on this mower was the array of cut / mulch / and bagging options offered. Like most mowers today, the Toro recycler lets you cut or rear bag. But the Recycler series also has a side discharge chute that is easy to switch to. As and added bonus, there's a hookup for a garden hose that allows for easy undercarriage cleanup after mulching (I wasn't very sold on the usefulness of this feature, but it's been a nice addition. It wouldn't have pushed me one way or the other in the buying process, though.)

All in all, the Toro Recycler has been a fantastic lawnmower for me. After two seasons, it still starts on the first pull, every time. It runs strong and has a great cutting path (22"). When I first started looking for a mower, I was told "just get yourself a Toro, and be done with it." I can echo that advice to anyone that's looking for a mower now. Forget about doing a ton of research, just get yourself a Toro and be done with it.

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