Toro Super Recycler 20093

by Jim Henderson
(Broadway, VA)

Paid $550 bucks for it 6 yrs. ago and thoght I had a lawn mower for life. It even had a 5 yr. warranty. And boy did I need every year of it. This mower didn't go a single summer without breaking down. The personal pace transmission completely died the second year. This year (6) the mechanic told me it would cost $300 to fix the engine. So much for my mower for life. I'll be looking for a new mower this summer, but I'll never buy another Toro.

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Oct 11, 2012
Poor starting.
by: Anonymous

I bought a Toro 20332 recycler GTS with a 700 series Briggs and Stratton engine in 2010. I have brought it back to the dealer twice for poor starting and the sensor was replaced once. Now the same problem has recurred. Also the self drive works poorly on more than a mild grade. I would not buy another Toro.

Aug 24, 2012
Amazing mower
by: Anonymous

I mow commercialy with this mower even though this mower is not a commercial mower. I have had zero problems other then I have wore the tires out. I am planning on purchasing two more mowers like it next year. I have used and currently own a couple others brands and they dont work as well as the toro does. Toro has a customer for life with me.

Feb 26, 2012
Toro walk along
by: Anonymous

I'm one of the disatisfied customers above. The fact doesn't apply that I did not take care of my Toro Walk Along mower guaranteed to start on the first pull.

Well, it didn't, I did, and Toro is useless as a company. If you buy a Toro or any other brand just know that it is a throw away world and has been for quite some time now.

The customer service at Toro is all the same, they try to wear you down, the same as banks, creditt cards, especially paypal, ebay on and on.

If you buy anything as long as you realize it is a throw away piece of equipment just like a cheap protable radio, you are cool.

Everything I have tried in the past did not work and will not anymore, it's over.

I got 6 seasons out of that mower. It's doesn't matter what brand you buy, they are all made in the same factory to a certain extent, some just care more than others.

Due dilligence doesn't matter anymore, manuacturer's know that no one has the money to take a case to court.

Since trying to straighten out a simple phone bill takes 60 hours, most people will pay, there isn't enough time.

Over the last 4 months not including February, 2012, I filed a dispute with Chase on final value fees charged by Ebay to my card unlawfully.

The ad was a promotional free ad, I sold the item for 749., I had 100% postive feedback since 2000. Since that time, I would never ship until the money by USPS Money Order was in my hand. It worked until the last sale, October, 2011.

After four months, the computer at Chase pulled all this up. They will always be on Ebay's side. I have tried to close my account, they won't let it close. Ebay finds it's mistake, refunds my card for an amount of 68.86.

In addition to pointing out their faults which were recorded if not put on the computer as I asked. I told them by Fed law they had to fix whatever they put on any the three credit reporting agencies.

If they get tired or it gets close to quitting time listening to a holes like me claiming Chase and Ebay and Toro, were breaking the law, they put you on hold, and switch you to India.

I am a nice person but after I put in a full weeks work for a small amount of change and do that three times a week something is broken, including myself, the nerves get frayed.

As a result, my buying will be limited to gas for a car, food and toilet paper.

Toro as well as every other company has seen it's day and it's day is now.

With obvious hold outs like Apple, Bose and a few other companies, where the price is way high but the gear never stops working, times is bad. I won't be back to read this or any comments so it's useless to write back to this post.

May 20, 2011
Toro 20055 Transmission Problems
by: Anonymous

Toro 20055 transmission problems for five years in a row. The transmission went out this year, the last in my warranty.
The back wheels would lock up and I would always have to drag it back, it was like three times the work every time I mowed the lawn. This year, the transmission lasted about five minutes. I got to level two Faye @ext 4242. She said I basically have to coast to a stop, ?, then pull back on the handle, (soft and hard), or roll it forward and the wheels will unlock. This is the last year of the 5 year warranty and I needed the whole of it. This is the first lawnmower that has done that I have owned. I didn't buy the over $500. lawnmower to treat it like a piece of art. I got it to mow lawn. Five times back certainly qualifies for NYS lemon law. It's back at my great dealer Junction Equipment, Faye was notified as she wanted, so I suggested a replacement. Deafness. As I pulled up I went by and saw the same mower I have. I heard $150 bucks to fix? I asked transmission problems?, He said, yeah, I said this is the fifth time back for me. He said load it up and decided to buy another brand of mower. My dealer said they were phasing Toro out.

May 07, 2011
Long life
by: Tom

Bought the Toro Recycler 17 years ago. Yes, 17. Started every year on the 3rd pull, at most. Only trouble was that with thick grass that I let go too long, the mower bogged down trying to "mulch" and I had to go slow, really slow. The 4HP motor just could not handle it. It was frustrating through the years but the thing would not fail otherwise! Ready to replace now but I realized that $450.00 mower really gave me my money's worth. Only reason for 4 stars is for the power.

Apr 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

if you had problems with that lawn mower you didnt take care of it...

Oct 08, 2010
Toro Sucks
by: Big Stone

I bought a Toro Super Recycler about 6 years ago and always had problems with the engine running properly. Long story short, don't buy a Toro and don't buy a Briggs!

Jun 10, 2010
Love My Toro
by: Anonymous

I have virtually the same mower (20055) except the blade override and have had the opposite experience. I have been yet to have a single problem with it in almost 4 years. Best mower I have ever had.

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