TORO Z150 with 52” SFS Side Discharge

Lawn mower Review TORO Z150 with 52” SFS Side Discharge The Toro Z150 is a compact riding mower used for larger yards or cutting areas. Having a 52” deck provides a wide cutting span, thereby reducing the time required with a standard riding mower.

Pushing forward and pulling backward on the arm controls increases your speed or reverses your direction – no stopping and changing gears here.

The Toro Z150 also provides a 0 degree turn radius, which is helpful in tight corners or small spaces.

Be careful turning in damp grass – the wide tires on the back can leave ruts in the yard. The floating cutting deck allows the blades to raise and lower according to the terrain without damaging the mower or the lawn.

The cutting height can be easily adjusted while sitting on the mower using the arm controller, simply grab the bar and slide it to the desired height.

A safety switch is installed under the seat which will turn off the mower if you stand and forget to disengage the blades.

The side discharge allows the clippings to propagate into the yard, thereby allowing them to be cut again as you make your way through the yard.

The fuel tank is spacious so you do not need to fill up every time you cut. The seat is quite comfortable and contains padded arm rests, allowing your arms to take a break.

One added bonus is the cup holder to hold water or your favorite beverage while you mow.

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