Troy Bilt 12A-466M011 5.5hp Self Propelled Mower

I have a Troy Bilt push mower at my home. It's model number is 12A-466M011. I recently purchased a new lawn mower this past summer. I am very pleased with the performance of this mower, but there are a few things I think the manufacturer could improve on. The biggest benefit to using this mower is its mulching ability. Nobody likes having to rake up all that grass when you think the job is over. This mower does a fine job of mulching the grass, so it makes for a very clean cut. I really care about the appearance of my lawn, and this mower keeps the grass nice and green. You don't have to worry about dead, yellow spots from the grass normal mowers discharge to the side. And if for some reason you prefer not to mulch, it also comes with a bag to catch the grass. So either way, your yard keeps looking great and you don't have to work too.

The other thing I really like is this mower always starts on the first try. I've owned mowers in the past that would take me several tries to get started, and it was always very frustrating to deal with. One downside to owning this mower would have to be the speed. I am in my twenties and I really want to move fast when I am cutting the grass. This mower is a little slow for me, but I have a small yard so I can deal with it. If I had a bigger yard, I would want a little more speed. Also, the blades have a little trouble when the grass gets high. Normally I cut my yard once or twice a week to really keep it looking nice. There have been a few times that I've been delayed, and this mower struggled a little when the grass was high. I wouldn't recommend this mower to someone who likes to cut every other week, but if you plan on cutting once a week this is the mower for you.

Rating 4 out of 5

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