Troy Built with Honda 5.5 horsepower engine

by Sarah
(Norfolk, VA)

I have a Troy Built Mower powered by a 5.5 horsepower Honda engine. This is just a great mower.

It is built very solid. Sometimes you can just tell a high quality, dependable machine just from the way it feels, and this mower is certainly that way.

It is heavy, but not overly. It is the good kind of heavy that shows it is quality. The steel and plastic are both really high quality. It is not thin and flimsy like some stuff on the market.

We have had it for three years and it has never missed a beat. And unfortunately, we are not very good at changing the oil and everything like we should.

When we first got it, our yard was very overgrown. But now that we have one, we would never go without one again. Even through the rough areas, this mower does not hesitate much. Not only was the grass long, there were a lot of leaves and twigs that we didn’t get raked up.

We had previously had a mower without a bagger Every time we use it, we very thoroughly rinse off the entire unit and the bag and after three seasons it still looks brand new. We are excited to see how long this mower is going to last with a Honda engine!

Although we paid just under $300 it was definitely worth it. The quality and consistency of this product has made it worth it, and we know it will last for a long time.

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