TroyBilt 436 rearside discharge mulching mower

by George
(Lutherville, MD, USA)

The TroyBilt Model 436 rear/side discharge mulching mower is an excellent easy pull start mower for small to medium sized lawns. This model can easily be started by smaller men or women, unlike some other models which require significant effort to get running. A few pumps on the carburetor primer and a few tugs on the starter are usually enough to get the mower running smoothly.

The mower deck adjustments are easy with no tools required, and it consistently cuts and mulches grass on a single pass. Maintenance is relatively simple, with excellent instructions provided in the manual. Although I've never used the bagging attachment, it is available if you'd like to collect your clippings.

The mower mulches grass clippings small enough that they mesh well with the rest of the lawn, and compost nicely, helping to keep the lawn healthy, eliminating the need to rake up clippings.

Fuel and oil mixing aren't necessary as the mower has separate reservoirs for each, eliminating the need for a separate gas can for the mower.

A few negatives to keep in mind are the mower is not powerful enough to handle grass higher than about 4 inches without going very slowly and then cutting only about half the width of the mower deck through high areas. This should be of little consequence if you tend to your lawn regularly, but coming back from a long vacation to tall grass can be a little difficult to get trimmed.

The fuel capacity of the mower could be a little greater, as mowing 1/10th of an acre usually requires some extra fuel.

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Jul 21, 2011
Troy-Built® Mower – Model 11A-436A711
by: Ryan Griffin

I bought this mower refurbished from Lowe's in 2006 and it is still running great in mid-2011. It cranks on the first pull! The control cable froze solid this year so I just built a throttle-clip with heavy gauge wire and it works just fine. I also compiled some information on the mower, including the manuals for the deck and engine and parts lists.

Mar 30, 2009
Cuts high and hard to reach grass easily
by: Charles

About two weeks ago, I purchased a Troy Built Push Lawn Mower Model TB436 (21" deck) from Lowes. I really love this lawn mower for a number of reasons.

The position of the blade makes cutting high and hard to reach grass areas much easier. For instance, I’m able to use the mower to more easily cut banks and ditches, which minimizes the amount of time required with the weed eater. The mower has a bag attachment which is positioned at a lower angle. This design enables the freshly cut grass to be pushed and packed into the bag. I’ve found this feature to minimize the number of stops required to empty the bag.

The bag holds a lot of mulched grass, which provides a great alternative to buying mulch from the local store. If I don’t want to worry about emptying the bag, the mower provides the option of using the side shooter for dispensing grass. I also like the larger gas tank and engine. I’m able to cut .3 acres of land off of two gallons of gas.

This mower is much more powerful and really makes mowing the lawn a little easier. I love not having the no-choke feature (as it eliminates the risk of flooding the device), and the mower starts immediately after the first pull of the starter string. The large wheels make pushing the mower easier.

Though the device has more horsepower than my previous mower, the lawn mower tends to leave a little grass behind after cutting through very heavy or dense lawn. I found myself re-mowing these sections.

Mar 03, 2009
Light weight and easy to push
by: AMY

I love my TROY-BILT 21"REAR&SIDE DISCHARGE MULCHING LAWN MOWER. I have had my lawn mower for four years and I would not trade it for any other mower.I have to mow my lawn every week to keep my lush grass under-control and yard looking good.

My lawn mower is perfect for going around all of my flower beds and hedges. I love the easy bag attachment and use it almost all of the time in the spring to help save time with my raking chores. I have started a big compost heap where I put all the grass clipping and have used my homemade nutrient rich compost in my flower beds for years.

I have never had to replace any parts or have my TROY-BILT mower worked on at a repair shop,it still has the original cutting blade that came new from the factory. I bought my mower new at a local home improvement store for one hundred and fifty dollars.

I get a lot of compliments on how good my lawn looks from all of my neighbors and have let a few of them barrow my mower when theirs were in the shop for repair,they all said my mower was way better than theirs and plan on buying their own TROY-BILT mower.

My mower is very light weight and is real easy to push over my bumpy yard. The cutting deck allows me to get real close my fence and planting borders.My mower is very easy to maintain and the handle folds in to save storage room.

My lawn mower always starts up on the first pull of the cord even after coming out of winter storage with no maintenance since the previous fall.

I would definitely recommend my TROY-BILT Mower to all of my family and friends because it is the best lawn mower I have ever owned.

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