Troy-Bilt 650 Series

by Steven C

I moved into my house about 6 years ago and during that time have been through a few different models of lawn mowers. I've had a Sears riding that the tramsmission crashed on and a model bought from Menards that a rock cracked the shaft the blade attaches to. Needless to say I was not happy about buying a new one but the salesman at Lowes talked me into the 650 series from Troy-Bilt.

This model has everything you need from self propelled to an electric start. At the start of the season I charge the battery and I don't need to for the rest of the season. The lawnmower starts on a dime, cuts the grass perfectly each and every time.

I normally don't write reviews for items like this but this mower has worked so well I feel the company deserves your business. I did have one issue with a cable that attaches to the drive control handle you pull back, but one 5 minutes call the the company had that fixed. They even sent the part UPS to my house and I had it in about 2 days. They did whatever they could so I would be a happy customer.

I would highly recommend this mower to anyone looking for a model that will work like a horse and never let you down. The guy who lives two doors down has an older model of the same brand and has said good things about it. I think troy-bilt is worth the money, and I hope that this review has convinced you to buy a troy-bilt and hopefully the 650 series that I own.

It's worth every penny, let this be the only review you need and head on out and pick one up! Lowes is also a great place to get it! Enjoy!

- starts on a dime
- cuts the grass perfectly

- none, i'm a happy customer!

5 out of 5

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