Troy-Bilt model series 420

by Nelson
(new port richie, FL ,USA)

In my opinion this is one of the best lawn mowers i have ever owned, not only does it look good but it has been very reliable for me thus far and starts up like it was new every single time and I have owned the Troy Bilt model 420 for about two years now.

One of the reasons I bought this was because it could be folded up to fit in a small place and it is very light weight compared to others.

The Blades are still sharp after all this time, the only thing I have had an issue with is the wheels not that they are not good because they are the problem I had was with the height of the wheels so i went and bought some bigger wheels, I just do not like my grass scalped.

When I first got it, I bought the Troy Bilt model series 420 at Lowes, I had LOWES put it together for me, Since I didn't receive the oil assumed they had put it in, well you know what happens when you assume right, well I start my lawn mower up and off I went to cut my front lawn and it cut about 3/4 of my front yard till I started to see smoke and it seized on me.

Well like any one else I was very angry to say the very least, well I waited until the next day so i could cool off and not do something very stupid over it, so the next day I added the oil and cranked it and I have not any problems with it since.

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