Troy-Bilt Model series 540

by Sterling
(Nibley, UT, USA)

I had been using an old hand me down Craftsman 3.75 hp bagless mower all summer long. It was wimpy and slow and made the lawn look horrible. One Saturday morning I went out to mow the lawn and the mower wouldn't start... for whatever reason.

I was fed up, so I went to Lowe's and looked over their selection. I was immediately impressed with the Troy-Bilt with the 5hp Honda motor. I had talked to several professional groundskeepers who all preferred a Honda engine. I took it home and set it up. It was easy to assemble and within a few minutes I had a mower that was eager to mow my lawn.

I was impressed right away with the automatic choke. I almost barely had to pull on the pull chord before it anxiously started up. The engine seemed to have plenty of power and easily and neatly trimmed the lawn back.

Since then I have not had a single problem with it. It only takes a slight tug on the pull chord and it easily starts. Last week, after neglecting to mow the lawn for 3 weeks (just after it had been fertilized, which only made the lawn grow faster) my lawn had become so long it was actually laying down.

To compound the problem it had been raining the previous 2 days. I thought for sure the mower would be overwhelmed. To my delight it cut right through. I had to empty the bag frequently, but I got it all done. Good lawn mower and I expect it will remain a good mower for many many years.

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