Walker Lawn Mower Model MS

by Geoff
(Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA)

This zero turn radius rider mower is fantastic. We went from a (rhymes with walkmen) mower to this and the difference is amazing. We have a 2 acre lawn and it used to take us about 2 hours to mow it. We have many trees and lots of sharp turns. Now it takes us about 45 minutes to do the same amount of mowing. It has a rear bagging system that has an alarm when full. Then all you have to do is open the tailgate and dump the clippings out.

Also, the deck sits out in front of you so you can get right up close to things. I think the number one feature though is the zero turning radius. It makes it so easy to get around our trees and lawn sculptures. It cuts down on how much weed eating we have to do as a result.

Another nice feature of the Walker model Ms is the 16 horse power motor. Plenty of power to get through the tall heavy grass, and makes it easy to cut through grass that is wet. And with it's 42 inch deck, fewer passes are needed.

It not only works in our large front yard, we have a very small back yard, and the turning radius makes it possible for us to mow that is well. We don't have to break out the push mower for it any longer. It saves us so much time that mowing is no longer an all day event.

It is also easy to get the mower blades off as well. Just lift the deck up and pin it in place and unbolt the blades for easy sharpening.
The only real problem I can see with it, is the hydrostatic drive system. It can be a bit choppy at times when you are trying to turn slow, but with practice it gets better. Also, it tends to spin out in soft grass area, (boggy soil) so you have to be careful when going through that. My only other issue with the mower, is the overall size. It is very wide so if you need to get between things you may be limited. Such as parking it in the garage like I used to do with my old mower.

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Aug 10, 2014
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