Weed Eater 961340006 21" Lawn Mower With Rear

This lawnmower does a pretty decent job doing what it is supposed to do. I have never had any problems getting the mower to start. It is easy to pull and begins running usually on the first pull of the cord. From time to time it will require a second pull to get started. The mower cuts nice and evenly and is not very heavy or hard to push. The engine is a little bit under powered when trying to cut grass that is a little bit too tall. The chute design is also prone to clogging. I find that it becomes necessary to stop the mower a few times each time I am mowing to clean out the discharge chute. The mower runs pretty efficiently, cutting a ¼ acre yard with about ½ of a tank of fuel. The oil gets pretty dirty quite quickly and it is not very easy to change the oil in this mower. However, that is probably the case with most all push lawnmowers.

This lawnmower was bought for a very reasonable price compared to similar sized lawnmower from other manufacturers. I feel the price is a bargain compared to the cost of those other mowers. This was one of the reasons I was compelled to buy this model. I have not been disappointed with this lawnmower, and overall I feel that this mower was a good purchase. I would not hesitate to purchase this same model again in the future. Thanks for reading!

- This mower starts easily on the first of second pull each time.
- This mower seems to run fairly efficiently, cutting a 1/4 acre yard with 1/2 a tank of fuel.

- The mower is a little underpowered for taller grass.
- The mower seems to clog easily at the dischard chute. I have to stop a few times each time I cut to unclog it.

Rating 4 out of 5

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