Weed Eater model # 961340001

My lawn mower is a Weed Eater brand, and the model number is 961340001. I bought this mower new from Wal-Mart about two years ago. I am quite pleased with the mower, although it does lack some features I would prefer.

To begin with, I selected this mower based on the price, features and brand. I paid $163 for the mower, which was the full retail price. I needed a mower right away and could not wait for it to go on sale and did not have the time to look for a cheap used mower. There were some models which were cheaper, and many which were more expensive. This model seemed a good mid-range mower which would suit my needs without being too basic or low quality, and still being affordable.

This mower is a rotary type mower, with a mulching option. The mower can be used with or without the mulch bag. When the bag is attached, the lawn clippings are diverted into the bag rather than being spread out on the lawn. The bagging feature eliminates the need to rake the lawn after mowing, but ht e bag must be emptied a few times before the lawn is finished.

The mower can also be used without the bag. When the bag is removed, a panel swings down blocking the discharge of the grass clippings. The clippings are then mulched into small particles and dropped on the lawn as it is mowed.

This was the primary features that I liked, and was very important to me when I chose this mower. Eliminating raking the lawn saves a lot of time. The mower has a quality Briggs and Stratton engine, which always starts easily. One feature which the mower lacks is an adjustable throttle. The speed is fixed, so I can't adjust it for thicker grass.

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May 08, 2009
Lack of an adjustable throttle makes some mowing hard
by: Anonymous

My lawnmower is a Weed Eater brand, model 961340001. It is a push type mower with a gas engine. This mower has many great features but it also has a few drawbacks. I have owned the mower for almost three years and am pleased with how it has performed. Although it is not the most basic model available, it is affordable. This mower is a a reasonable compromise between quality and cost, having features usually only found in more expensive models.

The most important feature of this mower is its quality. It is a name brand mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine. This combination of quality brands assures me that the mower will last for years and that I will be able to get parts for it if I ever need them. This would not be true if I had bought a no-name mower with a cheap Chinese-made engine.

This is a mulching mower with a rear discharge bag. This feature separates it from the basic, cheaper mowers which have only a side discharge. The mulching feature allows it to grind up the clippings instead of spitting them out the side. This eliminates the need to rake the lawn after mowing it and also nourishes the grass as the mulched clipping are reabsorbed into the lawn.

The rear bag enables me to gather the clippings instead of mulching them. I sometimes chose to do this for a few reasons. First, it is useful when the grass is too high or thick to mulch effectively. Another reason to use the bag is to gather the clippings and dump them into a mulch pile where they can become compost to use in my vegetable garden. The rear bag is very easy to remove and has a built-in handle so I can carry it and dump it.

The drawback I have found in this mower is its lack of an adjustable throttle. The engine speed is preset and can not be altered. This makes it difficult to mow a few places in my lawn which grow very thick and fast, requiring me to go very slowly in those spots and mow it in narrow passes.

Mar 21, 2009
Mower quit after 3 months
by: David Philips

First, I have a small lawn, about the size of my house, 1,500 square feet. I bought the mower in the summer of 2008 from WalMart. It worked fine for about 3 months then seemed to begin "dying" slowly. It would run slower and slower. Now it starts fine but only runs about 5 seconds and then stops. If I push the primer bubble a couple times and pull the cord, it starts again, only to stop after 5 seconds.

I guess the problem is with the carborator. I should have saved the receipt when I bought it!


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