Weedeater side discharge mower 20 inch

by Kathy

I purchased my lawn mower at WalMart. It was under two hundred dollars. It was very inexpensive,and the first I had owned. Mechanically it proved to be simple to operate and to change the oil. The air filter was easy to replace as well. The unit itself was easy and reliable to start. Generally it required priming a couple of times before starting.The mower was easy to push,and to maneuver around bushes and up small inclines in the yard.

It is light weight. It is not a self propelled machine. My yard is a small city lot. If it was a larger yard, a larger mower would be necessary.This mower does an acceptable job on medium length grass. There are 5 settings for height. I prefer to cut the grass rather short.This particular mower is not a mulching mower. The mower is a side discharge which I feel is more practical than a rear discharge. I did not have a bag attachment for the mower.When storing for the winter, I found that it was rather easy to remove or use up the fuel and then put in stabil for the winter. In the spring, it was reliable.

Overall, for the price, it is a reliable lawn mover that is practical and easy to operate and store.

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Mar 10, 2013
Good for the price
by: Anonymous

Ive had this mower since 2009 I paid 138$ for it new at walmart I moved from my parents house in 2008 and into a small mobile home park and was borrowing a neighbors mower to cut my yard its a relatively small yard so I didn't need a large riding mower and didn't want to break the bank on a push mower this one fit the bill perfectly but if you let you're grass get to tall even raised all the way up the discharge port will clog up and clumps of grass will come out of it so far all I've done to keep it going is change the oil clean the air filter sharpen the blade and hose out the underside of it after each use it is now 2013 and the mower still looks new and runs like a top I highly recommend it for yards less than an acre in size

Aug 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

I agree clumps of grass and have to rake alot!!

May 25, 2011
Except for engine, poor lawnmower
by: Wayne

This weedeater has one great 4.5hp.B&S engine on a very stupidly designed platform. Till resently, I was using my old Gilson mower with a B&S engine, and never once had to rake the lawn after cutting. Due to the design of the platform and the contour of the cutting blade of this weedeater mower, I have had to rake the lawn after cutting. It keeps plugging up, and doesn't exspell the cut grass with force. Both the blade and platform needs to be totally redesigned. This weedeater mower, can't come even close to how my old Gilson mower cut grass on the very same lawns. I am now searching for a Gilson styled platform and will switch the engine over, and add a new blade that has better air-fan cutting action. If you want to rake alot, and end up with lots of grass clumps, buy this mower. Like I said great engine (no issues with it), but totally lowsy platform and blade. Trust me. Buy one, and find out for yourself

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