Weedeater sq 4.5

I have owned a Weedeater sq 4.5 for the pass 4 years. It has been a great mower. Only work I have had to do to it is change the oil and spark plug once.

The Briggs and Straton motor is great and the 22 inch blade is more than enough for my yard. The motor is a well known brand and they seem to last. This is a great mower for the money I paid for it. I have used this lawn mower for 4 years, using it in the spring and summer and it starts up every time.

The lawn mower is light weight and easy to use, my wife is 130 pounds and 5'2" and she can easily use this lawn mower as well. I am 6'1" and 230 pounds and the lawn mower is very easy for me to use also.

Very easy to move around in tight spots in the yard such as the mail box or around flower beds. I have used this lawn mower it wet grass as well and the blade always seems to cut fine and never missing a blade of grass.

I have had other mowers in the pass that seem to have problems year after year and always need some type of repair or work done to get the lawn mower working correctly.

Most mowers I have had in the pass broke down at the beginning of the season and maybe last 2 years but this one has been great so far. I plan on using this lawn mower for years to come and probably will outlast my current car.

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