Why I like john deer Lawn mowers

by mel

we have owned our john deer lawn mower for quite a number of years now. it was a gift when we first got married from his grandparents. i remember how happy my husband was to actually have a john deer lawn mower!

i was happy becuase the lawn never looked so good. before we had a off brand and very inexpensive mower that never seemed to work for a whole mowing which is very inconvenient.

we were always having to do something to that thing! our john deer never needs repair and maintainence is no problem. i think the only thing that we have actually ever had to replace was a tire.

my husband was able to do that on his own right in our very own garage. it was so extremely simple and did not take long to install. i am so glad that it is a very easy to operate lawn mower and i have even found myself getting into doing the lawn.

i had never wanted to do any yard work before but now our landscape is beautiful and it seems like a hobby more than a job. we have, of course, added some additional lawn equipment over the years.

the edger and weedeater have also been very handy, but it seems nothing can ever compare to the great job this mower does on our lawn. it always feels so good to have our neighbors compliment us on such a nice yard. and of course we enjoy every bit of it!

i know when it comes to lawn maintainence we will always go with john deer. nothing is as good, nothing can even come close.

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Nov 17, 2011
doesn't start after 3 hours of use
by: Anonymous

my John Deere doesn't start at all after only three (3) hours of use

Sep 08, 2010
Nothing runs like a deere and not smell like a john
by: 55 year old farm boy

As a farmboy of 55, I was raised on Deere, first on putts putts, then on to 3020 and 4020 tractors.
Since off the farm I had JD lawn tractors for my 2 1/2 acre yard. I had 111 with a 38 inch then a 212 and up tp a 318 with 48 inch deck, my favorite with the power steering and now with a ez225 mower. I wanted a bigger mower, a 425 with a 50 inch deck but the Mrs wanted a bagger so had to go with a smaller 225 with a 42 inch deck. Still out mowed my 318. With all the trees my wife planted over the years it is the best mower for the job.

"Nothing Runs and Mows like a Deere"

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